Meet our latest Drabble writer, Rollo Beaufort Waite, a local writer who has this to say of himself…………………

Biography of Rollo Beaufort Waite

 I was born October 7, 1931 in Brisbane and raised on a farm at Mt Beppo until approximately 1947. I was the youngest of four children  – two boys and two girls. 

 My Grandfather was Henry Plantagenet Somerset of Caboonbah. My mother was Doris Somerset, fifth  daughter, born at the  time of the 1893 flood. 

My father was Richard Waite, in a farming partnership at  Mt Esk Pocket, before moving to the Mt Beppo farm.. 

I was educated at Mt Beppo to grade seven, did scholarship at Palmwoods and Junior at Ipswich Boys Grammar School. I went on to do my Diploma in Agriculture at Gatton College in 1949.

 I joined the CSIRO in 1951 as a Pasture Research Technologist. I retired in 1994 and was engaged as a botanical consultant at Brisbane City Council until 2005.

 I have married twice with three daughters – residing at Samford 1966-2002 and moving to McDowall

My major hobby interests have included singing, public speaking, and writing. … 

So, now you have met Rollo, read on and explore his mind.

The siren.

Beatrice came to me in the night from the halcyon haze of far off Memorabilia. We cuddled and had fun, getting to know each other. She stayed with me throughout the night.

“Morning calls and come with me,” she whispered.

“After breakfast, stupid.”

“I never need to eat,” she answered. Then she was gone.

Later the morning erupted like volcanic larva from the mystery of a night that left me stranded halfway between heaven and hell.

The day subsided into night and I waited for Beatrice—but in vain. For there is but one invitation to paradise.

Then there’s hell.


The vortex.

Everyone in the room seemed crazy with thoughts, words and blatant egocentricity. I was the only regular person. I pitied their stupidity and ignorance.

They had me on trial for stealing or denying their ideas, which were repugnant to me. As if I needed them—but they continued.

Theirs was the conspiracy of the damned and the demented and I felt I needed fresh air. I prayed for the vortex to descend and suck them into obscurity.

My rescuer left them in their sordid squalor and placed me on a high platinum cloud.

I’m still laughing and so is she.


Dance ballerina dance.

August 31st at Healthy Connections and there she was with the willowy elegance of a ballerina –Anne, a final year UQ exercise physiology student.

She was a professional ballerina until she stress fractured her back some years ago. So she has taken up this meaningful and rewarding career like a swan to water—had an important role in a Schakowsky classic.

So what a wonderful opportunity for someone of her background who no doubt will bring insights and experience into her new vocation, a sight for sore eyes and a great conversationalist. Dance ballerina dance, in your new challenging role.

So, that is all for this time, but there will be more of these delightful Drabbles before long…  Keep coming back to check them out.

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