The Community Library Samford will operate a community library and social hub offering an open, safe, welcoming and stimulating environment to all the people of Samford and the surrounding districts.

The Community Library Samford aims to:

This year our library has:

None of this would have been possible without a wonderful, resilient, persistent, motivated team of members and volunteers. Thank you to all the dedicated, very talented workers who pulled the second stage of library together:

Linda Murray, Wendy Sonnenburg, Tony Cole, Chris Chmiel, Deon Cloete, Richard Carroll, Evelyn Williames, Linda Harvey, Angela Galvin, Fiona Taylor, Kristina Challand, Helen Hughes, Julie Roy, Ray Vuillermin, Carleton Chinner, Barbara Kienast, Janelle Byrne, Colin Chapman, Jay Williams, The Marist 180 Crew and Megan Smith-Roberts, Lions’ Alice Cunningham, John Atkinson, Alan Sonnenburg, Cecilia Sonnenburg, Carol Neal, Frankie Catt, Josephine Theos, Glenys Watson-Alexander, Marion Fulcher, Mary Anne Morgan, Susanne Pearson and here son, Bruce the jazz man and the ladies of The Yarn Crowd. I apologise to anyone I missed.

Special thanks go to Jenny Harris and Jeanette Carroll who saved us from extinction by letting us use their sheds for storage and to Samford Rangers Football Club and Kay Speer who made it possible for us to share the Rangers old clubhouse.

Patrick Vuillermin used his incredible talents to produce a fantastic author-focused video of local sci-fi writer Carelton Chinner to complement a writer’s workshop.

Behind the workers was an extraordinary management team who worked very hard to make sure the library survived. Thank you for your dedication.

To become a social hub of the community we have established and participated in a wide range of programs and activities. These include:

The Community Library Samford has helped charities such as:

Fundraising has become a necessary part of the library’s functioning to cover operating costs such as insurances and to enhance our Building and Establishment Fund for our future permanent library space in a community building

Raising public awareness is an on-going challenge for our library. We are slowly developing a reasonable platform.

Promotion of local and other Australian writers is a prime objective of Community Library Samford.

The Community Library Samford has reduced waste through:

Our heartfelt thanks go to these wonderful people and organisations who have given generously to help our library grow:

The Community Library Samford has been fortunate to have many strong and valuable supporters to whom we owe our thanks:

Objectives for next 12-24 months

Main challenges

Julie Martin (President of Community Library Samford 2018/9)

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