A new service to the public is currently under evaluation. The service aims to provide a free book delivery service to those who are confined to home.

In 2017 CLS ran a similar service “Library Bags” which operated through Samford Support Network to their clients.

The new service idea is further expanded to include certain members of the community within the Samford Valley area.


The service is aimed to help anyone who is confined to home due to age, accident, illness, or anyone having difficulty in getting out and about.


This free service would deliver books, DVD’s CD’s according to recipient preference (a survey form would be completed upon registration).

Community & Recipient Benefits:


To gauge interest in this service, CLS is requesting for anyone who would like to become involved in the service as either:

  1. A recipient (must reside in the Samford Valley area) or
  2. A  Volunteer Delivery Driver, to 

Please email info@binderskeepers.com.au to register your interest.

Interested parties will be contacted and supplied with further details.

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