Two more very short stories from Mary Mageau.

  Echoes of Autumn Walking quietly through a soft mist, in the late afternoon chill, the only sound I hear is the forlorn call of a single crow. With foliage now deepening into shade, and the sun, a rim of orange over darkening hills, I reach our gate then cross the threshold. What a joy […]

Picasso, Girl before a Mirror, 1932 – Mary Mageau

Young and beautiful, her arms cradle a large oval mirror as she gazes at her reflection, surrounded by bold diamond shaped geometric patterns, with vertical and horizontal stripes rendered in vibrant saturated hues—pigments chosen for their emotive source of colour rather than expressing the intended scene . . .   Looking back at her from […]

Mary Mageau – A Local Writer Who Has Mastered The Drabble

Here we have some examples of Mary Mageau’s happy mastery of the Drabble form…  Read on……………………. As Promised, a Few More Selected Flash and Micro Fiction by Mary Mageau Banquets Before us hangs, ‘Still Life with Golden Goblet,’ by Pieter de Ring. From Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, we view a selection of its finest seventeenth century Dutch […]

Stories that are told in 100 words or less – or in 50 words or less

Even more of a challenge than a simple Drabble, here we are dealing with the concept of telling a story fully in fewer than perhaps 50 words – Which Mary Mageau seems to master with panache. First Selected Flash and Micro Fiction by Mary Mageau – More to Follow I’m Yours I close my eyes, […]

Even More Drabbles From Rollo

Here are the last Drabbles we have from Rollo Waite, that splendid creator of such powerful and enchanting small jewels in words…    How on earth does he do it?  Such a strong image in so few words?  Ah well, here they are for your delectation. Blue poppy afternoon. There she stood, silhouetted against the […]

Yet More Drabbles From Rollo

Here are a few more Drabbles by that master of the form, Rollo Waite, whose work in this style of writing we have already showcased here on our Website.   These next ones are simply superb examples of the idea of a Drabble – i.e a story that has exactly 100 words, not one more or […]

A Dribble Of Drabble

Meet our latest Drabble writer, Rollo Beaufort Waite, a local writer who has this to say of himself………………… Biography of Rollo Beaufort Waite  I was born October 7, 1931 in Brisbane and raised on a farm at Mt Beppo until approximately 1947. I was the youngest of four children  – two boys and two girls.  […]

More Drabbles From Chris

Yet more amazing Drabbles (exactly 100 words long) from Chris Chmiel, a master of this particular form of writing – he also writes short stories, which I hope to wheedle out of him for this website ere long – watch this space. Confession “Read this.” I accept the solicitor’s document and recognise my father’s handwriting. […]

Scheherazade, a Drabble from Chris Chmiel

Here we have the first of a series of Drabbles by Chris Chmiel, who is both a local author and the Treasurer of the Community Library. We hope that you will find his contributions to this tricky form of writing amusing. Scheherazade The sun peeps over the eastern desert sands, Scheherazade ceases narrating Ali Baba […]

Our First Drabble. Sinai 1917

Here is an example of the art from, from Julie Martin, one of the founders of our library, and a passionate writer. SINAI 1917 He lay between his horse and ruined wall away from wind-grit. Searing night pain woke him. His hand smashed a scorpion biting his throat—deathstalker. His windpipe contracted. “Get up, ya bugger […]