The Cry by Anne-Marie Hicks

              Waiting, will you come, I am Listening in the shore winds, In the clicking of palm fronds, Soft-sibilant through the mangroves, Wild-tossed waves on the bay. Silent feet on wet sand…? An empty impression, never yours, A small ocean roar around my head, The song I once played […]

Boyhood Memories by Richard Carroll

A country lad at heart the bush was in my veins; as a boy I gulped up mouthfuls of the northern queensland air, running through the swaying grass down to the rocky creek, and in the mud of springs I bathed my boyish dreams. Whereto those simple pleasures of dirt beneath the nails, scratches and […]

September Under Capricorn – A Poem By Mary Mageau

Transparent skies, an azure haze Those tender, sweet, pellucid days that Mask the coming summer’s heat It’s hot and white relentless beat Of burning sun on face and feet. Oh, the heart–breaking beauty of springtime’s haze, In those early, soft, enchanting days. Translucent light, a turquoise sea, My heart so open, loving free. September – […]

School Gate Mum – The Problems Of A Single Mum.

Here is yet another poem by Lisa S, in which she talks about a Mum at the school gates who feels herself to be the subject of persecution from the other mums – We have all felt like this on occasion I reckon, and I speak as a Father who has done his share of […]

Second Poem About Horse William

This is the second part. I wrote it when I lost him… Your horse, he is not with us now For Heaven hath called his name And though his time with us was short In our hearts he will remain. He touched my heart in a way in which Most people will never do 19 […]

The Unloved Ones – By Lisa S

Here is a remarkably heartfelt poem about a rescue horse – William – that Dayboro poet, Lisa S has written about her much loved horse.  As you can see in this photograph, he was a very fine looking fellow. The Unloved Ones: I bought your horse today – the one you threw away. I bought […]

Poems By Maddie Little

Maddie Little, whom I met while volunteering at La Boite Theatre, where she is one of the staff, has recently started to write poetry, and when I saw the first one I was very taken by what she was saying, and how she said it, so I asked her if we might post some of […]