Evelyn Williames

I grew up in a village in England where my mother ran the local library which was open for two hours a week. 

My role was to pick the children’s books when the council van brought us new stock.

In my early twenties I met my husband on an archaeological dig in England. After we married we travelled together and I later taught English in Sudan (and caught up with classics from the British Council Library), and also taught kindergarten in Malaysia and maths in Brunei while raising a family along the way, before finally arriving in Australia in 1991.

After retiring from my last job, as a Finance Officer for Karuna Hospice Services, I heard about the Samford Commons Community Library (so named at the time) at the old CSIRO site. In attending a Health and Wellbeing Festival on the site, I had the opportunity to elect to volunteer at the Library.

When the Library became Incorporated, I became a foundation member and have volunteered ever since. I enjoy the social interaction with other book lovers and the opportunity to catch up on my reading!

Following a term as Secretary, a term followed as acting Treasurer and my current committee role is Volunteer Co-ordinator, a role which I have held for several years.

Evelyn Williames
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