Freedom at Midnight Larry Collins and Dominique Lapiere – review by Angela Galvin.

This isn’t an easy read but it is fascinating – I read this book when I was in my first or second year of high school. So reading it again now as an adult has been a delight. It isn’t for the faint-hearted with lots of explanations about policies, politics and history but it is still a riveting read.

While the World Slept” “at midnight on 14th  August 1947 the Union Jack began its final journey down the flagstaff of the Viceroys house in New Delhi. As a fifth of humanity claimed their independence from the greatest empire history has ever seen.”

The central characters Ghandi, Lord and Lady Mountbatten, George Vl and millions of Indians from Dehli to Pakistan make the story. The bureaucracy, the elation, the violence, the sadness at the end of an era – the end of an Age – it is all laid out bare and raw.

This book as the cover claims was the inspiration for the wonderful miniseries “The Viceroys House”.

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