Volunteering is a gift people give to enhance their community. Community Library Samford could not exist without the extraordinary talent and persistence of a very small crew of library members who give their time unstintingly. Every hour they give makes our community stronger, whether it is library-sitting, creating a framework of how our library/community hub will run, moving our collection, organizing interest groups and events or fund raising.

One group of volunteers whose contributions are often overlooked, are the students of local high schools who participate in volunteer programs. We have had the most wonderful gift of a student’s time during our most challenging period of existence. Thanks to the Samford Valley Steiner School, Breagh Gregory completed her volunteer program with us. Breagh faced working with a team of mostly Seniors with grace and good manners. She helped us in our two moves, built shelves, sorted and labeled books, did displays, wrote a column for the Pump, cleaned and always maintained a beautiful smile. Breagh is punctual, hard-working and committed to building a better world.

We have had other wonderful young folk work with us too: artist Frankie Catt, Joe Senior, Lucinda, Lucca and Finlay… With young leaders such as these, our future is in good hands. These young folk are already making a difference in the best way possible, by helping build and believing in their community.

A few date-claimers for your diaries:

On Tuesday October 8 at 6 pm, join us for our AGM – all welcome.

On Thursday October 17 at 10am, join us for Social Gardening – chance to get together over a cuppa, talk plants with our guest speaker, and swap plants, seeds or cuttings. 

On Saturday November 9 at 4 pm, join us for the launch of Dr. Richard Carroll’s wonderful historical novel, White Ghosts, which traces the history of early Brisbane and the Petrie Family.

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