Many thanks to Peter Dunn of Good as Dunn earthmoving for going out of his way to arrive first thing the other morning with no-one able to be on site in the afternoon.

All the drainage gravel has now been spread between the two big “book cases” (being the two containers) and over the trailer pad.

While red carpet rollout time is coming, green carpet has been laid out over the metal for now.

Peter also kindly ferried metal up to the storage shed to enable floor levelling to be completed.

PS If anyone knows of anyone resurfacing a tennis court and dumping the old synthetic turf, CLS would love to know!

Extra synthetic turf is still needed to cover the storage shed floor as well as to complete covering the remaining area of drainage gravel between the two containers. Thank you.

Metal frames and shelving were recently brought out of storage. After being packed away for nearly three years, all items needed washing and drying. Many thanks to Evelyn Williames for washing and drying thirty plus shelves to start!

Levelling the frames brought out a small hammer and lanolin spray to act as a gentle persuader to get the winding mechanisms on leveling legs moving again.

Containers and green carpet

A general meeting covering updates and plans is due to be held on Tuesday 22nd August for those interested.

See us at the Samford Valley Community Church Car Boot Sale on Saturday 26th August with lots of books, jigsaw puzzles and games, for all ages, to choose from.

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