Linda Murray

Books, working dogs and horses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Growing up on a farm in a remote area, before internet access, books were a resource for both knowledge and relaxation. Reading under the covers with a torch in early years saw many flat batteries!

Living life in a small close knit farming community instilled the values of giving and receiving a helping hand. 

Working away with industrial construction, I met and married my husband who was also a fan of books.  A fair collection of books relating to all things horse and dog amongst other topics ensued to now having a personal library which continues to expand.

A move to Samford to help care for an elderly aunt in her final years, led to the discovery of the Samford Commons Community Library (so named at the time). Initially joining as a volunteer, I became a foundation member of the Community Library Samford Incorporation. My three black kelpies gained fame as “The Three Librarians”. 

In enjoying all aspects of the Library environment, I became Secretary and am currently President, currently working through the logistics of re-establishing the Library in two specially designed 40’ shipping containers on private land, and organising fitting a canopy to the Library book trailer, before focussing more fully on the foundations of community support including locating land and funding a new building incorporating Literature, Performing Arts and Art & Craft.

Linda Murray
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