While National Book Lovers Day was on Wednesday 6th August, the nearest book day
for CLS was Thursday afternoon 10th August.

Senior volunteers arrived on site, opened up both the containers and set up ready for an
afternoon of shelving books.

Imagine the surprise when a new volunteer turned up unannounced at the door.
The four footed volunteer checked in and showed a relative interest in volunteer

Apparently Romance wasn’t on his reading list or General Fiction – his reading list was
in the other container housing Non-Fiction.

The new volunteer lost interest fairly quickly after taking extra time to nose around
Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

Disappointingly, the new volunteer showed poor form showed in both leaving early, and
in being caught stealing another volunteer’s jacket on departure.

As one wag on CLS fb page commented
That’s completely unacceptable. I would have expected more from somebody with so much
grey matter

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