On an overcast foggy morning, a 25 tonne Franna crane ventured out from Albany Creek and travelled to Wights Mountain for a very special project.

Project Book Move – the easiest moving of the nine tonnes of “Keepers” (being the main book collection) the Community Library has ever had. 

In previous lives over spanning some seven years, the books had lived in a building at the old CSIRO site; moved into storage in a private shed when that building was demolished; moved into the old Samford Rangers Clubhouse; moved back into storage in a private shed when a council lease ended and the Clubhouse was demolished; moved into storage in a private shed; moved  down to Cedar Creek Public Hall under a rental agreement; moved back to multiple private sheds when the rental agreement was rescinded; and finally into the two 40’ refurbished shipping containers mentioned above.

In less than two hours, the two containers were lifted onto concrete foundations. The current site is a temporary solution as CLS continues to seek a permanent solution for land and buildings to house the books, to be available to the general public once more, rather than solely CLS members.

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