Wednesday 2nd August was another great day of progress with the first of the metal frames and shelving installed into “Big Book Case #1″.

Wooden book cases

Many thanks to one of CLS foundation members Evelyn, for persevering in not only tightening loose nuts and bolts on some thirty metal shelves, but for also washing and drying the thirty something shelves!

Who had the worse job? Evelyn working on the shelves, or another foundation member Linda, who was putting the first of the metal frames into place against the container walls, before levelling the frames. Next the frames were measured for shelf heights before fitting the metal shelves into the frames.

After almost three years in storage, metal spray lubricant and a small hammer were needed to encourage metal parts to fully co-operate. In particular, the wind down legs proved obstinate to get moving for leveling to take place.

Images show the white wooden book cases already loaded with books. The metal frames are inside the doors to the left.

Other images show the starting point for the current container. Organised chaos!

Organised books chaos

All cartons in both containers had to be on placed at floor level, ready for when the containers were to be lifted into place. For safety reasons, the cartons were placed at floor level to ensure no load shift could occur when the containers were lifted.

Organised books

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