A Welcome Stranger – By Richard Carroll

The straps of my backpack dug hard into my shoulders as I trudged zombie-like in the sweltering heat. I was hitch-hiking across the island of Crete and had been dropped off in a small village miles from anywhere. A number of houses and sheds nestled the main road, but motorists hardly seemed to notice their […]

The Theft of the Caledonia – 1831 Moreton Bay Penal Colony – By Richard Carroll

The news that convicts had seized a schooner and escaped swept through the settlement to reach convict Sean Kelly’s ears in the hospital where Dr Cowper had come to treat the Irishman’s freshly-flogged back. Fellow inmates had informed Sean that Commandant Clunie was a strict disciplinarian albeit not to the point of Logan, and circumstances […]

TheNovel & Brisbane Part 4: Transformation – By Richard Carroll.

The fourth and last look at various books and writers who have been inspired by Brisbane in one way or another.   Here Richard looks at more modern writers and their feelings about Brisbane. ——————————————————————– Many writers fled Brisbane during the Joh Bjelke-Petersen era (1968–87). Queensland has been represented in the past as a culture-less backwater […]

The Naming of Brisbane – By Richard Carroll

Here is a short article written by one of our members, Richard Carroll, in which he discusses how Brisbane was both founded and named – Intriguing stuff. The Naming of Brisbane In mid-September 1824 the government brig Amity sailed into Moreton Bay and deposited Lieutenant Henry Miller at Red Cliff Point on the peninsula opposite […]

A Place to Escape From: The Novel & Brisbane Part 3

Richard Carroll continues his occasional series of reviews of books that in one way or another relate to the history of Brisbane and its wider area. Two novels of note with Brisbane as the setting were published in the decade following Vance Palmer’s works (see earlier post “Brisbane: A Prison Within a Prison”): The Delinquents […]

Brisbane: A “Prison within a Prison” – The Novel & Brisbane Part 2

A Review Of Three Books About The History Of Brisbane – Richard Carroll. The first half of the twentieth century saw few novels written about Brisbane, or even Queensland. Three historical novels stand out in this period. The Romance of Runnibede by Steele Rudd aka Arthur Davis was published in 1927. Set on the Darling […]

The King’s Visit – An Alarming Tale

Here is the first of what I hope will be a regular sort of short story – the personal experience sort. In this alarming tale of the way life is around here, Richard Carroll describes his unnerving encounter with a large King Brown snake in his chook hut,, and how it all ended up. If […]