Yvonne Wohlsen

Books have featured throughout my life, ever since my first visit to a public library at five years of age.

Books continued to be part of my life throughout my school years, including a stint as a school Librarian.

Experiences of farming life began with my family buying fresh milk from a neighouring farm.

In my latter years as a teenager, in working on a local dairy farm, I met and later married my husband, who was also a dairy farmer.

Subsequently I moved onto his dairy farm at Camp Mountain. In between dairying and raising a family I studied and became a nurse and continued nursing until my husband died in 2015.

A few years later, in passing by, the Community Library Samford on Richards Rd, I stopped by to have a look, loved the people, the dogs and the books, and have been an active volunteer with the Library ever since. 

Currently I hold the committee role of Catering Co-ordinator.

Yvonne Wohlsen and Evelyn
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